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Hot, Cold and Pink

On Monday of this week we set a record in SW Ark of 107 degrees!  We're talking Major Hot!  Not fit for man, woman, nor beast outside.  Our dog, Rae, even enjoyed being able to come inside way earlier than her normal bedtime hour.

As noted in previous post, I sew in my utility/sewing room.  Exposure to the sun through windows and also the running of my dryer tends to make this room warmer than others in the house.

And so....major decision time!

Stay hot and make excuses not to sew or...

Take the plunge...

Oh...I wish it was a pool but must settle on a window unit air conditioner to help cool things off a bit! 

Just a little too plain and not very attractive and so....
I now have a very "cool" (pardon the pun) new addition to my room!
It's amazing what you can do with foam board, modge podge, fabric, push pins and keepsakes! I love pink in my sewing room.  Can't tell you why as I don't know myself but it makes me happy!  I also love to look at special reminders of friends and family and so will choose to use this area for that purpose only!

My favorite item in this group would be the small frame on the window ledge. While on a search for something else recently I came across an old birthday card to me from Mom and Dad.  Usually, Mom would just sign both their names and include a note from the two of them. But, she had begun to get Daddy to sign for himself. If you know me personally or have followed any of my earlier post, you know that Dad died the night before Thanksgiving this past year.  It has been a very long six months for four "little" girls I know, who loved their Daddy very much!  When I found the following note inside my card I knew it would be a treasure that I would want to see on a daily basis.
The scripture in the message is;

III John 2:  "Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers."

Dad wanted us all to be happy, but more than anything he wanted us Faithful to our lord as he was!

And so, as I sew, I will be cool, happy and reminded daily of a very special man!

Love you Dad!