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Can't never could...

In keeping with the "theme" of this blog to re-use, recycle and basically re-invent, I notice (and am intrigued) when someone makes something unique and different out of "not much".

Determination...I wonder...if you could weigh that word on a set of guess is it would weigh at least a ton!  (of course, some of us weigh more than determination and I'm sorry to say in pounds too...another story, another day!)

While on a recent trip to Eureka Springs, with Hubby Honey, I saw the most amazing proof that determination, in the right amount, will cause "can do to be done"

Quigley's Castle

If you've never heard of it...(I hadn't) or seen it, then prepare to be amazed!  I will tell you, and I'm being completely honest...I walked around with my mouth open the entire time.  I couldn't believe what I was was case you can't tell...I loved it!!!  Can't wait to go back.  I could have stayed for hours.

When we got home and I loaded my pictures into the computer and I had taken more than 100 of just Quigley's Castle...I've never taken that many pictures of any one thing or event before...(not even my kids at Christmas...and yes I love my kids and Christmas)!  My pictures are great, but nothing and I say, NOTHING like seeing it in person!  You MUST go if you ever get the opportunity!!!

This house was built by a woman who was 33 years old and "determined" to get her new house. 
It was in June of 1943 and after her husband left for work she gathered the children around her and told them " we're going to tear the house down" and they did. When her husband came home from work, the house was gone and they had moved all the belongings into the chicken house. She had been promised a new house and she was determined to get it!

The house was built with lumber milled from their own land and it actually has bare earth inside the house coming out from the walls about four feet so that she could "bring the outdoors inside" with plants. No pots for Mrs. Quigley... she made flower beds inside the house.  As if that wasn't enough...EVERYTHING...I say again EVERYTHING... is covered in rocks.  She began collecting at the age of nine and made everything out of rocks...paths, the house, mailbox, garden borders, birdbaths, birdcages (and these are inside the house), tables, benches and I could go on but I know that either by now you're planning your trip or you've hit the delete button...

These plants, that are growing inside the house, are over fifty-five years old now! ( just realized...they're older than me!) Wowzer!! 

I am telling you...that woman's determination weighed TONS!!!

Hubby Honey was patient...sort of...he did tell me at one point that if I would be quiet he could read all the info posted throughout the house...what can I say. When I get excited about something I find it hard to be quiet...I want everyone to see and enjoy!  

I did give him the "look" when he told me he thought they needed a weed-eater...

Tales from the Junk Side...

I look at this and I think...WOW!

We had no idea...

  A day of yard sale fun...

 Turned into two full days of hard work and tons of treasure!

Yes...I found this beautiful buffet in the room you saw in a previous post, hidden completely underneath boxes, trash and other treasure!  It is now safely stored at Cindy's and should arrive here in October.  I can't wait!  Already have a spot picked out...

What I learned from this experience...don't judge a book or house by the cover!!!!

Split Second!

You know how you hear people say that their life flashes before their eyes when something tragic happens and the fear of death is great at that moment. Well, I had one of those moments yesterday as I walked back to the house from my mailbox. 

With us living out in the country our mailbox is a nice little, "I think I'll get some exercise" jaunt from the house!  So...took a break from cleaning and the dog and I go get the mail.  On the way back I hear a VERY LOUD buzzing! Look up and a swarm of bees is flying over my head.  I'm headed south and they are headed east!  

In a split second my life did not flash before me, but this did...

Should I run with my shoes on, or would I be faster with them off...
How many stings will it take to kill me...
How many beats a second that your heart jumps up to will kill...
Maybe they'll go for the dog...
Don't drop your phone, you'll need it to call for help...

If you think this is funny or that I'm must be me, it wasn't and I'm not!  

My friend tells me " Oh! was honey bees and they wouldn't hurt you, they're just looking for a new home. Did you see where they landed?  We can collect the honey when I come down!!

This was not the Partridge Family moving in next door and YES they would hurt me...the last time I checked heart attacks not only hurt but can be deadly!!!! stings, no heart attack (but my hands shook for about 30 minutes) and No...I didn't see where they landed ( if I did I wouldn't tell Teresa because she would convince me to try and harvest wild honey)!

Life on the farm..."it's like chocolate..." Wonderful, different and with memories to make and savor!!

Pocket Book

I wonder when we stopped hearing the term pocket book? 
I remember hearing my Grandmother and Aunts say " let me get my pocket book" whenever there was an errand to run and money and/or other essentials might be needed.

Trying to take a nap this afternoon...hey, it's Saturday... anyway, couldn't doze off because this little red "pocket book" popped into my head and wouldn't go away!   

Got up...sleep was never going to happen...went to my sewing room and came out with this!

A little red pocket book...

Made from one of the pockets of the "red coat"!  No...this is not the purse that I plan to make from the coat...just a little something extra, a little whimsy and fun!  The strap is made from part of a beaded necklace that came from the "junk house" as did the pin on the front. The body of the purse is one of the larger pockets.  Just big enough for my keys,
cell, tissues, a lipstick and (maybe) a little cash!!

Naps are great...but a little red pocket book is FUN!

Little of this and that!

 What do you eat when you're starving -or so you think- and the cupboard is bare? 

I stood in front of my cupboard this morning wanting breakfast and finding nothing...not in the cabinet or the frig!  I think it's seriously time for some grocery shopping but I'd rather take a beating than go to the grocery store...that's why I have Hubby Honey!

So...back to breakfast...

Found...whole wheat pasta, black beans, rotel tomatoes, carrots, celery, purple onion, salt, garlic powder, cumin, chili powder, olive oil and mayo!! 

While the pasta cooked I drained the beans and rotel, cut up the veggies, and thought " I hope this is good because I'm STARVING!!"

Drain pasta, sprinkle with olive oil and season to taste with sea salt.  Toss all together and add two Tlb. of mayo.

I wish we had a way for you to taste is WONDERFUL...yummy yummy!  Biggest problem now is not to eat all before Hubby Honey comes home for lunch.

Now I know some of you are thinking...she eats that for breakfast??  Ok, who decided it had to be bacon and eggs?  I mean really...!!!


As I told you in an earlier post, I'm in the age of fifty something.  One of the things that comes with age is, of course, wisdom.  I think that from time to time maybe bits of the wisdom I've accrued over the years should be shared...after all, it's just the right thing to do!

So...first tid cream will NOT keep in the refrigerator, it must ALWAYS go in the freezer.

Saturday morning Hubby Honey was cooking breakfast - I know, you're jealous - what can I say, either you got a good one or you didn't!!  Anyway, I was asked to put the bacon back in the frig and upon doing so, something didn't look quite right.  Opened the door back up and there on the shelf sat a tub of melted ice cream.  I'm talking soup!  Well...who's job was it the night before to put the ice cream up after dishing it up...yep, ME!   

Now, you don't know this but, I'm (normally) a glass half full person.  So I show Hubby Honey and I burst out laughing. I could have been so much least I didn't put it in the cabinet!

Well...I was the only person in the room who thought it was funny.  We're talking "Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla" can imagine...the more aggravated he got, the harder I laughed.

So...wisdom for this cream goes in the freezer!! 
Ok! No new purse tonight from the red coat!
After washing it (hate to sew on top of nasty) I can't get it dry!! The fabric has a vinyl feel and so needed to be air dried... thought, for a second, about putting it in the dryer...but envisioned a melted mess...anyway, even after cutting the lining out it's still not dry!

But, come see me again soon...and I promise there will be a NEW (really cute) RED PURSE!

Junk House Treasure...

Whoo-hoo!!!  No chickens!  Sold them yesterday and so now I have a couple of weeks without daily trips over there. Love it...maybe I'll use the time wisely and get caught up on some projects here at home!  (maybe)

I promised you more from the "junk house"...

Believe it, or not, this is just a portion of the costume jewelry that I ended up with. (will show you more later)  After two days of very hard labor Cindy and I both ended up with awesome treasures.  Some of these pieces I plan to wear and have fun with.  The rest will be used in the making of  whatever my mind conjures up!  

Can't wait to see?  Me either...There is a red coat, from the "junk house" that is shouting purse at me.  I hope to work on it this afternoon!!!

Come back tonight and see if it's here!!!!

Started this baby gown last night and finished it up today!

Portions of the front yoke were 
made from a 
French Hand Sewn collar that I made in the mid '80s. (remember...don't throw away if there's life left)

Sent it to an auction for one of our volunteer fire departments.

Baby gowns will be just one of the items that can be ordered through my blog.  If you have a  little one (or one on the way) that needs a special gown just email me and we'll talk!!

Fabulous Fifties...

I realize that this mornings post is in a different direction than the others have been, but occasionally I will share random thoughts...mostly because I like to talk!  Chatty Cathy here!  I have a husband who will listen and let me ramble but...sometimes he gets this funny glazed look and I know I'm really talking to myself.

Anyway, to the fifties.

I was born in that era and I'm now at that age. (Well...let's say I'm in between 50 and 60) ( and on the lesser end)!!!!
What I'm trying to say is...WOW!  It's really a great age to be. 

I Love It!!  


You almost, at this point, begin to have the same attitude at fifty that you had has a teenager!! 
You've decided you can ( within reason), wear what you want, (clothes, hair, make-up...or, colors), do what you want, go where you want and in general just be happy because....
you WANT  TOO!!!  

If you're lucky, you've learned that what others do, say, wear, eat, have, doesn't have to be the stick by which you measure your life and /or achievements.
I once asked my Grandmother if a certain color (don't remember which one) would go with something green..I was a teenager at this time...she told me that all flowers have green stems!  It's funny, how that out of all we discussed from time to time, I've never forgotten that moment.

If you are headed towards the number fifty...don't despair...


Patience is a Virtue!!!

It seems that I did something wrong in the previous post that kept the script from showing next to the picture of the "junk house"! 

(not my house by the way) solution for now, because I don't have time to try and figure it out, is to post again and tell you to be sure and click the Read More button just under and to the left of the picture!

Hope you'll be patient with me as I try to get this figured out!!!

Complete Chaos!

I know what you're thinking! 
How can anyone create anything in that mess.  Well...not me...
that's why I have nothing new to show you!

My sewing room, as you can see is a complete mess as I speak.  I show this to you so that I can hold my feet to the fire to get it cleaned up and organized !  I need to get all those projects out of my head and into my hands for you to see.

I think I kept hoping that the cleaning fairy would fly by and help me out...she must be on strike!

Tomorrow, after my " farm job" the plan is to get in there and get busy!  Will take more pics to share when done!

Lot's to tell...come back to hear all about my trip to Tennessee and see the treasures found there!

I'm Back !!'s been a while.  49 days to be exact!  Why?  

That's a good question.  One I've asked myself many times. I've been searching for the answer for a while now.  I love blogging, many things got in the way.  House work, yard work, chicken houses, a trip to Tennessee, short over night trips with Hubby Honey,  sick,  a sore toe....(no not really)!  What got in the way and brought a screeching halt to my new adventure  was  DOUBT.  That ugly little monster that holds us back from achieving so many wonderful things in our life!!! 
What if no one likes it, reads it, follows it, finds it funny, interesting, neat, buys anything (when I have something to sell)!!!  What if, horrors, my spelling is off, grammar deplorable, sentence structure unbelievable...  Oh! The shame.  

Today, I realized something.  OK, what if...well, I say so what.  It makes me happy, I find it fun, I want to read it and I have three sisters and a few friends that I know I count on to be followers.  So, here's to me and more to come.

I have so much catching up to do that I may have to post again tonight.  I need to share several things with you to help put myself on a deadline so that "49 days" will not happen again!  I'm an "under pressure" worker so with you has my witnesses maybe I'll get much accomplished!

If you're there, I hope you'll be back again!