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New headache!!   I can tell you that I'm falling in love with this blogging business but wish I could take a " computer genius" pill and just know it ALL already!  This learning "how to" stuff is making my head pound!  The sun is shinning and I want to be outside and inside at the same time.  Such decisions.  How will I choose?  What a wonderful life that gives us choices!  
I heard someone yesterday who said "staying at home is so boring"!?  I just don't get it!  There's always something to do, see, read, get involved in. I guess to each his or her own, but ...I love being at home. Sure, there's less money to spend but as most of us learn as we grow " money is not everything" and most definitely will not bring you true happiness!
So...having said that, here's to hoping you have a great day!