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Friends, Bags and Trips

I have a friend!

An old friend! (well...she's younger than me by two years but we've been friends foreverrrrrrrrrr)

This friend is going on a trip!

And X marks the spot.

She loves hot tea...

old books, antiques, and recycled, re-purposed items !

Her dining room wall is red and in the center hangs an old map.  Her yard is always full of flowers in the spring and summer.

All that's left...

 Is the packing of the bag to be done and the boarding of the plane to commence!

Couldn't make out where the X was????

New York City!

Yipee!  The best part is that her oldest son lives there and she hasn't seen him since last summer.  She and her Hubby get to take an extended trip to see him and he will act as tour guide.  What fun they will have!  She has promised to eat for me too when she goes...hmmmm...well, maybe not at every meal.  Just those really, yummy ones that she's knows I would love too! 

 No animals were harmed in the making of this bag...
Just a little C.K.