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Green grass!

I need you to do something for me...

Stand...legs straight...bend at the waist until your elbows touch the floor and rest on your forearms...stretch your neck as far forward as you possibly can...

Sound impossible? 

I'm sure a few of you are flexible enough to actually do  ...what do you think!

While making a "check the chickens run" last week I witnessed this feat!  A large bovine that belongs to the neighbor down the road, was  down on her front legs with her head stretched through the barbed wire reaching as far as possible for, what she thought was greener grass!  

I wanted to stop, roll down the window and yell..."hey! Stupid...look at your feet...your standing knee deep in beautiful, green's all around you."

I wonder...

How many of us are standing, knee deep, in blessings and still...we will stretch ourselves to the limit to attain more and more "stuff" when...if we would look down, up,and all around, we would see how green the grass is under our feet!