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Have you heard?

The Department of Labor has decided that we now need regulations for all children who work on "FAMILY" farms!

NO!  It's not a joke.  It might be too cold, hot, hard, you name it. And, they also want to stop FFA, 4-H and other such clubs that might require some labor.

And so...I am faced with a dilemma! 

First of all, both my children are grown and no longer live with me so I can't "force" them to help out on the farm.  (It's a good thing we got ours raised into hard working, productive adults before the government realized what we were up too!)

So...who can I get to help me now?
Well...Hubby Honey is at work and that just leaves me and Rae!
Am teaching her to help with the mowing!
When she gets this mastered I think we'll move on to helping in the chicken houses!

Future Mowers of America

Shhhhhh......if you know someone in government....please don't tell!