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About two days after my last post some sort of illness wafted into my house! 

I got sick and I do mean sick!  

I'm talking...
don't touch me...
don't talk to me...
please leave me alone...
I think I'm pregnant...Whew! that hysterectomy and my fifty-three years finally convinced me it wasn't so!

It lasted for five weeks!!

It was awful!

However...the way I felt wasn't the worst part.

Hubby Honey got sick at the same time!

Now, I love my husband.  I enjoy him and his company and he makes me laugh more than any comedian I've ever seen. We have been married for 35 years and I hope we have 35 more!

But...I can tell you that if we ever get sick again at the same time...well, one of us will have to go!

If I ran fever, he wanted me to feel his brow, he thought it felt hot too!  If  I coughed, he coughed!  If my comment was " I feel awful" he felt worse!  I kid you not...I was beginning to think we had a "who's the sickest" contest going.  On one of the toughest days I told my daughter " if your Daddy moans one more will become fatherless"!!  The only thing I never heard him say was that he felt pregnant!!  

I can't tell you how happy I am to see the sunshine, flowers popping up and spring just around the corner!'s a few weeks late...but, Happy New Year to you and Happy Wellness to me!