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Needles and Thread

Hannah used needles.

Hannah used thread.

Yes, yes, yes....I got my wish...socks knitted just for me by my beautiful, talented daughter!
 I knew Hannah was busy knitting. She's always knitting or spinning this or that. I have wished and hinted ( Oh...I'm not above hinting or begging) for a pair of her beautiful socks. This was my year! I am so very proud of her, her talent, her kindness, and all that she means to her Dad and me.

I love to watch her work. What she does with tiny, little, "sticks" is amazing to me. She's seems to think it's no big deal and that anyone can do it! Ha! I know better. It's not as easy as it looks, nor do we all have the patience for it! 

Now....when should I start the begging, (I mean) hinting for a sweater?????