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Coffee, tea, me

This tale could take time so grab a cup of coffee or tea and read on!

I hate to cook! 

Have you ever watched any of those old "Ernest" movies? Ernest goes to Jail? Ernest...this or that...can't remember the name of the comedian who did them but they were funny.  In one segment Ernest and his son sit down at the table, fork and knife in hand, asks his wife..."what are we pretending we're havin' for supper today Ma?"  Hubby Honey ask me that all the time.  Tammy Honey, "what are we pretending we're having for supper today?" The thing is, he sometimes ask me that in the morning before work!  Now, it's early, we're having our coffee, the day has hardly begun and he's concerned about this.  He tells me that it's because we should plan the meal ahead of time. If you're planning to cook something that's in the freezer you will need it to have time to thaw! DUH! I know that...but...

I like the idea of pretending better!  If we pretend then the skies the limit to our menu.  Lobster, steak, stuffed mushrooms, pie, and on and on we go.  All we can eat! No calories at all! Imagine how thin we could be and my favorite part, no clean up!  Yea!  I think we should give it a try.

Cleaning is another thing I don't care for.  I do it! Mostly when I have too, but I have NEVER in my life started a day with, " Yippeeee, today is cleaning day!" Nope, not even once!

Now, having filled you in on the above you might find the following hard to understand!

I like to have company! Yes, I know that cleaning and cooking both are usually involved.
But, I think I may have come up with the perfect solution.

The congregation where we worship is having a Gospel Meeting this week and the guest speaker has been a friend of ours for years and so I signed up to have him for dinner last night.  Usually when you feed the visiting preacher you invite others to join you.  After giving it some thought and "thinking" out loud with my Mom, the perfect dinner came about!

Invite: don't care about dust on shelves...they don't see the shelf...much less the dust!

Cook: Soup!  I love to make soup. I think it has to do with the fact that it's not an exact science. Just dump and go! (I can make really good soup)

Take home treats:  I got carry out drink boxes from our local Sonic and fixed each one more soup, cornbread and two kinds of cake to take home and have later!

I must tell you that I really enjoyed preparing for and having this company! I cleaned, (just didn't stress over it), I cooked, (just kept it simple)!

Now comes my favorite part!  Today! 
No cooking, No cleaning! Just enjoying what's been done!

And when Hubby Honey ask me, "what are we pretending we're having for supper tonight" He'll get that look that he claims all girls learn from birth!