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I'm Back !!'s been a while.  49 days to be exact!  Why?  

That's a good question.  One I've asked myself many times. I've been searching for the answer for a while now.  I love blogging, many things got in the way.  House work, yard work, chicken houses, a trip to Tennessee, short over night trips with Hubby Honey,  sick,  a sore toe....(no not really)!  What got in the way and brought a screeching halt to my new adventure  was  DOUBT.  That ugly little monster that holds us back from achieving so many wonderful things in our life!!! 
What if no one likes it, reads it, follows it, finds it funny, interesting, neat, buys anything (when I have something to sell)!!!  What if, horrors, my spelling is off, grammar deplorable, sentence structure unbelievable...  Oh! The shame.  

Today, I realized something.  OK, what if...well, I say so what.  It makes me happy, I find it fun, I want to read it and I have three sisters and a few friends that I know I count on to be followers.  So, here's to me and more to come.

I have so much catching up to do that I may have to post again tonight.  I need to share several things with you to help put myself on a deadline so that "49 days" will not happen again!  I'm an "under pressure" worker so with you has my witnesses maybe I'll get much accomplished!

If you're there, I hope you'll be back again!

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