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Pocket Book

I wonder when we stopped hearing the term pocket book? 
I remember hearing my Grandmother and Aunts say " let me get my pocket book" whenever there was an errand to run and money and/or other essentials might be needed.

Trying to take a nap this afternoon...hey, it's Saturday... anyway, couldn't doze off because this little red "pocket book" popped into my head and wouldn't go away!   

Got up...sleep was never going to happen...went to my sewing room and came out with this!

A little red pocket book...

Made from one of the pockets of the "red coat"!  No...this is not the purse that I plan to make from the coat...just a little something extra, a little whimsy and fun!  The strap is made from part of a beaded necklace that came from the "junk house" as did the pin on the front. The body of the purse is one of the larger pockets.  Just big enough for my keys,
cell, tissues, a lipstick and (maybe) a little cash!!

Naps are great...but a little red pocket book is FUN!

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  1. Love it. Makes me want to get home and work on my new shrug out of your junk house jacket. Sure wish we had taken a before pic of the jacket. Tracy