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There's a show on HGTV that I enjoy watching from time to time called Design Remix. On the show they take $50 and items found in and around the persons home and they completely re-do a room. You watch and you think WOW! Then you wonder...what do I have that they might use. The host of the show tells you that the key is to NEVER throw anything away...NEVER!

Well, the people who lived in this house (yes...lived in at the time this was taken) believed in that policy too! This is an upstairs bedroom in what (could have been) a beautiful old home. Believe it (or not) this was taken after about an hour of work, pulling out, sorting through and throwing away. You couldn't even get into the room. The door wouldn't open all the way.

I went to TN to visit a really good friend.  Hadn't seen her in almost four years and so the trip was long over due. (Had a blast and will share more later!!!)

Anyway...the first day there we decided to go do a little garage sale shopping. Just started out looking for signs with no definite plan in mind. One of the first sales we found was at the home of an elderly man who's wife had died and he was trying to "downsize" from a three story house into one of about 1600 sq ft.  He tells Cindy that he has a "six legged bed" at his other house would we like to see it?  DUH!  I'd never even heard of a six legged bed...we had to go see!  We follow him to his house and upon driving up into the driveway our jaws drop open and (I think) just stay that way!!!  Neither of us had ever seen anything like it (except on T.V. and one of those shows about hoarders).  There was a path (narrow) from the porch into the house and beyond.  Room after room of junk, trash and treasure!!!!!!

Stay tuned to see the TREASURE that we found (after four more trips) in this house!!!!!

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  1. I'm really enjoying your blog. Keep on posting. Can't wait to see the red purse. Tracy