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Tick Tock...Tick Tock...

WOW!  Two mornings in a row...maybe I'm on a roll...just hope it last!

I learned two things yesterday that I want to share...maybe, if you'll pay attention, you'll not only keep from getting'll also have a better use of your time!!!

1. Rubber boots will not only repel water, but will hold water.  Yep!  I'm not talking a few drops of water!  I'm talking inches of water.  And so you think to yourself, what and how would some idiot learn that???  Well, that would be me and it would happen when Hubby Honey is TRYING to teach me how to prime the pump that's been placed in the pond to water the yard and gardens.  Let's just say that I had to completely change clothes...and I mean everything...and put my boots on the boot dryer for 24 hours!  
And what did Hubby Honey do? 
As Opie would say..." he just laughed and laughed!" 

2. In a conversation with one of my sisters, I learned that she has become a "commercial" cleaner!
When she first mentioned this I thought she was going to share a new product she'd found.  But, actually, what she's doing is a really good idea. If she's watching something on T.V. she makes herself get up during the commercials and clean, put away, straighten,etc.  As you all know, commercials are long and if you aren't careful you find that you've almost gone into a comma while waiting for them to be over.  Using those minutes to be productive is a really great idea. 

 I'm going to try it...I'll let you know how it works!

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  1. There is just one problem for me. I have a DVR and fast forward through commercials. Guess I could just pause if every 15min and clean. Will try it. Maybe, if I can remember.