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Cover up!

This post is proving to be interesting!  I've typed and deleted the first line five times!!  That means I need to either push the delete button...get off the computer...or just spit it out!  Don't understand the hold up.  I just wanted to share with you these really cute pillow covers that I've made for one of my sister's!

This would be sister number two...wait...there are four of us girls...(yes! I'm the oldest) would the sister next to me be sister number one or number two! (guess it depends on who's doing the telling) Hum!  Doesn't matter...anyway, this sister is one of two that chose a teaching career a little later in life.  ( I said...a little later...let's see...she's two years younger than me and I'm...)  She reads this so I think I'd better just move on! 

With both children gone from the nest, they decided to convert their son's room over to a home office for her.  But, wanting to let the son remain always welcome, she needed to put a bed in the room.  So, in comes a futon!
As futons go...her's is really nice!  Just a lot of
with pieces of this and that...
 We took her office from plain and color and wow!

Don't like it?  

Cover it up!

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  1. Love the pillows on Lee's futon. They really give a much needed punch of color.