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About two days after my last post some sort of illness wafted into my house! 

I got sick and I do mean sick!  

I'm talking...
don't touch me...
don't talk to me...
please leave me alone...
I think I'm pregnant...Whew! that hysterectomy and my fifty-three years finally convinced me it wasn't so!

It lasted for five weeks!!

It was awful!

However...the way I felt wasn't the worst part.

Hubby Honey got sick at the same time!

Now, I love my husband.  I enjoy him and his company and he makes me laugh more than any comedian I've ever seen. We have been married for 35 years and I hope we have 35 more!

But...I can tell you that if we ever get sick again at the same time...well, one of us will have to go!

If I ran fever, he wanted me to feel his brow, he thought it felt hot too!  If  I coughed, he coughed!  If my comment was " I feel awful" he felt worse!  I kid you not...I was beginning to think we had a "who's the sickest" contest going.  On one of the toughest days I told my daughter " if your Daddy moans one more will become fatherless"!!  The only thing I never heard him say was that he felt pregnant!!  

I can't tell you how happy I am to see the sunshine, flowers popping up and spring just around the corner!'s a few weeks late...but, Happy New Year to you and Happy Wellness to me!

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  1. All right, how did my husbands attitude when I'm sick get in your husbands body. Oh, excuse me, almost all husbands are like that. What is worse, is that my husband is a nurse. LOL So glad you are back at the sewing machine. Tracy