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Nest Builder!

Just had an  "a ha!'' moment!  One of those...never thought of that !  I love those moments.  They can be serious, fun, or simply, Oh...okay!

This one is in the fun and oh...okay department.

I'm a nest builder!  I love to arrange and change and dream of arrange and change.  Drives certain members of my family crazy ( if I ever get a daughter-in-law I must warn her)!

My "a ha'' moment happened this morning while cleaning the kitchen...I know...sometimes it's really weird...those ''where did that come from''!  Anyway, I'll get on with it.  I realized that I have been a nest builder all my life. As a child of the late fifties and the oldest of four girls, we were raised in the era of playing outside just about all the time that the weather permitted.  One of my all time favorites was to make pine straw houses!  Did you do that?  Oh, the homes we built!  We would take the rake and our hands and rake the straw into the outline of walls complete with doors and windows.  Huge homes that covered the yard.  No going  "over'' the wall to come inside, you had to step through door openings only.  I wish I knew how many houses and how many hours were spent in that play.  I don't remember a lot of T.V. watching.  I'm sure we did our share but it must not have had the appeal that a pine straw house did because that's the memory I have.

Along with...

Bag Swings,
Monkey bars, 
An empty oil drum that my Dad removed the bottom and top from and was  climbed on and in and ''walked'' like a circus performer all over the yard...miles of fun!
Barbies that were sewn for and had houses that were kept arranged and changed!

I'm a nest builder and always will be.  And that's okay!

We've taken some  "nothings'' and made some really cute ''somethings'' and I'll share those with you soon!

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  1. Yes, please share your nest and nesting secrets!