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New arrival!

We are  proud  parents,  I meant to say owners, of a new baby girl.  She is a mix of grey, black, brown and a touch of white.  She has four legs, is six and a half weeks old and was delivered to us last night.  I use the term  " us'' loosely as Hubby Honey is out of town which leaves  "little girl'' and me to ourselves. 

As you have guessed, we are a  "dog's as pets'' family.  When the children were young an  "outside'' dog was permitted.  You could NOT have one IN the house.  You might get hair everywhere, have pee on the floor, end up cleaning  poop from places you'd rather not even think about, yes...even kids will do those things too! But, somehow it was different if it came from the least a little bit.

Anyway, our daughter and youngest, developed a really rare and difficult disease while in her early teens and after her first surgery she was given a Boston terrier puppy. Our first, stay in the house dog.  Do you know, all those dreaded things happened.  Hair, pee and poop!

Strange though, so did love, companionship, loyalty, entertainment, conversation, (Hubby claims I'm a dog, beats talking to the wall!)  and just an all around good thing!  He lives with her and her hubby now, and so...



we have a new arrival! 

Another is expected in about four more weeks so that Hubby Honey and I will have a  "his and hers''...

When he leaves town I suspect that they will be mine and mine!

I feel a stirring under my feet...wonder if it's for pee, poop or a ready to play...

maybe... we just need to talk!

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