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Wonders never cease...

Wow!   I sit here in shock!

I logged on to my blog account this morning to compose a post about the clever, new tidiness of my sewing room, complete with pictures.

Well, due to changing our email address recently, I could not access my log in.  In the past this would have promted a panic phone call to my computer whiz BFF.  But, due to her patient teaching and encouragement in the past...thank you Teresa...I managed to cick and follow and click and ( call Hubby Honey, but only for email addie info) follow and behold...there I was...done!  I had replaced my old address and logged in with a new one and hadn't lost anything!  

I am amazed, proud, encouraged and Yipee...excited!

Wonder if Bill Gates has any openings?

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  1. Wowser! I AM proud, excited, and happy for you...I always knew you had it in you. Congratulations and happy blogging.