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I know an artist!

A true artist!

You of those people who can take pen, pencil, paint and paper and make beautiful pictures!

This artist friend drew my logo for me.  I called her and said  " I have this in my head  "  and she put it to paper...perfectly!

And so to say thank you I wanted to return the favor...but, I didn't think she would have much use for anything I would draw...


I may not be able to draw or paint


With old clothing, a set of old curtains,
a western shirt from my thrift store stash
and a piece of vintage fabric...

I'm an artist!

I started with a pair of shorts her hubby wore when
they married and jeans she had saved that her boys wore as small children.


 All the denim in this bag came from those three items only. 


You will see paint,

worn spots and mending...

proof that they were worn and loved.



Useful and Fun!



Diane,  I hope you enjoy using your bag as much as I enjoyed making it for you.  Without your talent, I would not have my lovely dumpster diver. She is perfect in every way and exactly what I wanted...thank you so much!


  1. Tammy, The bag is awesome!!! You are definitely a fabric artist....

  2. From Diane -

    I absolutely love my bag, Tammy! You are truly an artist! It came just in time for vacation and I took it everywhere.
    It held my books, brochures, snacks, germX, various souvenirs and my purse now and then.

    It is so much fun to look at it and see pieces of Tom's old jeans that he used to wear when we were renovating the old house and to see the parts of the boys' jeans incorporated - even down to the decorative touch with the stretchy band from the GAP skinny boy's jeans! And the toile accents are perfect!

    I will always treasure my bag and the thought and creativity that went into making it. Thank you so much again!