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Well..."it" was today!

And it made me so happy!

 What is it ????

Sack Sale at our local thrift store!!!  I've told you before that I love sack sale!  Today I went with a specific need in mind and came home with a new treasure that cost me a whoppin' eighteen cents!!!!  I don't know about you but it's not everyday that happens!  It's just beautiful, sparkles in the light and will hold something fun and/or pretty.  After moving it from place to place I finally put it on the buffet beside another one of similar shape and style.  I'm thinking this may be the beginning of a collection!  I have three and I think that three might be the number you need to consider something a collection.  Works for me anyway!


Oh!  You want to see?

Don't you just love it!  It's just 4 1/2" tall and 5" in circumference.

Did I need it?

Well...I really don't think I have to answer that. 

Could you have left it sitting there all dirty and unwanted?  

I should think not!

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  1. It is a beautiful treasure! Sack sale days ROCK...