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Auction !

In my previous post I shared with you about my recent trip. One day of the trip was spent at an auction.  Auctions can be fun and frustrating. Fun when things are going cheap and frustrating when a lady in a pink t-shirt out bids you on several things you want!!!!  If you're not careful you will begin to feel strong feelings of dis-like for someone you don't even know! And pink is one of my favorite colors!

One of the friends I was with had, get this, NEVER, ( I know....I was shocked) been to an auction!  Ok, I'm sorry, but everyone needs to have this experience at least once.

So, off we go!  The day is gorgeous and the auction is on a farm way, way, waaaaay out in the country!  Perfect day! As we are driving we begin to prepare her for the must do's!  Look around, see if you find things you might want and then get a price in your mind and determine that you will NOT go over your set limit. That way you don't cry all the way home because Hubby Honey is going to kill you! 

She did so good.  She looked around, set her limit and then spent the first little bit afraid to scratch anything!!! It was like trying to teach a baby to walk.  " Come can do it....we'll catch you....promise!" And then, boom, she was off and running!  Bam, Bam, Bam and she had reached her limit and was done!  She sat in a lawn chair the rest of the day crocheting.  What we found out later was that she had set her over-all limit for the day at $30!  When she spent that she was done!  You have to admire a woman who only spends $30 at any auction.

I spent a tad more than that but not by much. 

Here's my favorite treasure find of the day!
A hand made tool cabinet. It was made by the owners Father-in-law. After a good cleaning it will look great on the wall in my family room!  I had set my limit for this between $65 and $75.  This was going to be my "treat"!  But....yipeeeee....I beat out "floppy hat woman" at just $24!!!!!!!!

Go to an auction....set your limit and have a blast!


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