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Hubby Honey and I needed to make one of our never ending trips to WalMart last night!  UGH!  I hate it, he loves it.  So, I grab a buggy, put my purse in and start down the aisle.  Hubby grabs the buggy, "here, let me have that"!  He insist on pushing the buggy, (and he says I'M a CONTROL freak) so, I take my purse out of the buggy.  And he wants to know why?  I tell him I don't trust him to watch my purse.  Well....He would just "like me to know that he is trusted in his job to watch over thousands of dollars each day and I don't trust him to watch my purse"!

What can I say?  My purse is important and sometimes he doesn't pay attention! If you look in the Once Was section of my blog you'll see that I made this bag out of an old denim jacket of his. It's a one of a kind and even though I've worn the lining out and it needs a re-do the bag is great and I enjoy carry it. I don't want it lost or stolen.
And what about all the "possibly irreplaceable"stuff inside?
Gum bag....holds gum and empty wrappers!
Expired coupons from Bed Bath and Beyond!  You do know they will let you use them expired or not!
Tissues...(please excuse the glare)
Burt's Bees, lipstick, first aide, lotion, tooth picks....I'm telling you this purse is worth a fortune in just "stuff" alone!!!!!!
What if I need to write down a bag idea?
Hey...don't laugh!  You've seen those game shows where they ask you to dig something odd out of your purse in exchange for cash!
What if you see a yard sale and stop? Digging for treasure? You might need to clean up after!!!!
Last but not!  Not much! But I like to know it's there if needed!

Now do you understand why I grabbed my purse out of the buggy?

I know, that's what I'm saying too! A girl has treasures, she needs to protect them!

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