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Treasure in a box!

Have you ever stumbled on something that is so much fun, a true treasure, a real find, something you absolutely love?  Don't you just love when that happens!

While wandering the aisles of a local flea market, I just happened to look down at my feet and there it was!!!!!  A true treasure!  Price...$25...Yipeee...I couldn't wait to take it up front and get more details.

Then comes the bad news.  You plug it in and can't get it to work properly!  (Frown, Frown!)  And so, you make an offer of $15 and you think, that's not too much money if your purchase turns out to be a dud.  You don't really think they'll accept the offer, but, once again, Yipeee....they take your money and you runnnnn with your new treasure.  And guess what?

It works!  Like a dream!  Your new treasure is truly a treasure!  It makes you smile and helps with your hobby! Awesome!
Under this box is my new treasure.
A  1954 New Home sewing machine!
Weighs a ton, sews like a dream and is awesome!

Just so happens that the friend who was with me when I found my treasure was born in 1954...looks like they made a lot of things to last in those days! 


  1. there's no getting rid of us.....we were born and made

  2. and I might add we still look good too!!!!