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Days, days and more days

When days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months and you are caught not doing a task that you know you should, what do you do?

Make excuses, reason with yourself and others, convince yourself it doesn't matter?

All of the above? task is to blog and now comes the excuse, except I really don't have a good one!  Yes, I was really very busy for several weeks.  Sewing and more sewing from the first of November up and until Christmas and then the holiday time spent with family and then the crash time that comes after the holiday time!!!!! Whew!!!!

Now is when I am supposed to promise you and myself that I won't do it again.....Ha!  That's like me promising no more chocolate and that for sure isn't happening.  And so, I ask you to bear through the drought times and enjoy the times of plenty and harvest!

Our holiday was a good one!  Southwest Arkansas was surprised with a six inch snowfall that began Christmas day afternoon and lasted for several days!

This is what it looked like the next day!  These pictures were taken out at my parents cabin.  What a lovely way to end the holiday together!

My New Years wish for you and for myself is that we will open our eyes and really "see" the blessings each day contains!

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