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I am really racking up the nursing home visit points these days! I'm sure I'm up to a Go-zillion by now! Hey...I think I may even qualify to just move in with my son when the time arises!!!!

How am doing this? You want to earn points too? All you have to do is...

fix fence
You don't have to be perfect at it! Last time I checked, the cows have no knowledge of perfect. It if holds them back then, "HEY", I'm good with it! 
Oh! By the way...#1 reason not to let your cow dog lick you in the face (or anywhere else)...
 they eat poop!!!!!
And now back to what I am much better at...

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  1. Hmmmm, well, let's just say fixin' fence and handcrafting a masterpiece is a better use of time than a cow-dog lickin'! Good read.