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Four little words

There are four words that my Hubby Honey hates to hear.  He says that they make him "just draw up and shake"!  Ha! 

What are they?

"Honey...I've been thinking"!

These words are usually followed by;
I need, could you, do you think, I want you to, please build, re-do, make me, etc.

We've been needing bar stools. They're not cheap. And so....I started thinking!  We had old, handmade stools at the shop that his Mom designed and his Dad made years ago. We had already used them before but they had issues. The seats are made from old tractor seats. Which is cool except that they tilted just enough to the front to make you want to slide forward. Not fun to sit in if you are constantly pushing your self back. I had asked for repairs to be made long ago, back in the day. Answer to that question was..."no"! And so we stopped using them and stored them away. 

It's amazing what you can do when motivated by saving cold, hard, cash!

After $20 in paint, new stoppers for the legs, time spent fixing the seats.

I think they are lovely. And I realized today....

We use Fiesta dishes. All those pretty colors! I love it.

And so...what do I have to say now?
"Honey....I've been thinking...."

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