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It's another girl

You make a casual comment.  (maybe more than once or twice)
You think Hubby doesn't really listen or pay attention.
You think maybe someday.

I recently learned that Hubby does listen (sometimes) !
I also learned that someday is now!

My comment?
" I want the next dog I get to be a German Shepherd. I want a dog that will bark and protect. Not one that just wants to lick everybody that comes along."

I have a birthday this month and look what I got...

 She is not a German Shepherd. She is a Belgian Malinois. Her Grandfather is our local K-9 unit drug dog. Her breed is in the top ten list of smartest dogs. They are very family oriented and very protective of them. She will take a lot of exercise and work which will be good for me too!
And so now at our house you will hear...
Hey Girl
Good Girl
Pretty Girl
Big Girl
Sweet Girl
Come Girl
No Girl
Stop Girl
Bad Girl
Back Girl
Momma's Girl
And what did I name her??????


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  1. She is really pretty - such unusual markings and color. Can't wait to meet her! Happy birthday!