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Good still lives!

Between the turmoil of winter weather that's been sweeping across the country, the evil and fighting that's in our world, you wonder....Is there any good anymore???

Recently, while out of town, I witnessed "good" still alive and well.

I was standing in line at a fast food restaurant. (I food and restaurant don't exactly go together) While waiting to order, I couldn't help but over hear the conversation of the people in front of me. A husband and wife and another woman. They had not come in together but had struck up a conversation while waiting. It seemed that the woman was "down on her luck", having some financial and home issues. The couple offered to buy her food. After the usual "you don't need to do that" the woman stepped up to place her order. (this part I love) She begins her order with a dollar burger and that was it...very humble and thankful, not ordering more than she thought was fair!  The couple insisted that she get a full meal and then invited her to sit and eat with them!!!!  Hugs and smiles all around!!!!

I then order my food and step back to wait. Apparently they were having issues with another customer that had not received his food and had been waiting a while. He was offered his money back and his food would be free! His remark back to the manager was a polite but firm, "I don't want anything for free, just my food please!" Wow! 

Just like the jonquils peeping out through the snow and ice, GOOD in people and our world is alive and well! The kind of things that make you smile, make you think about your own actions, make you realize that it is possible, really do exists! 

Be good. Do good. See the good and be thankful for it!!!!!

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  1. Thank you for reminding that "good" does still shine the picture!