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WORDS...$ $ $

We use them every day!  This is our primary source of communication with those we come in contact with, whether they be family, friend or foe!  We're taught from the very beginning of our life that we need to choose our "words" wisely and that words can "cost". 

Cost?  I know I'm not much of a "shopper" but I've never seen an aisle at Wal-Mart where words are sold.  Can you get them in bundle packs or at a discount? think I'm being ridiculous!  Actually, what I'm trying to give you, and myself, is a gentle reminder that words can cost us, and sometimes that price can be high.  The highest price, I think, can be in the loss of, or change in, relationships, esp. with those we love and hold dear.  We throw words out like the change from our pockets and then we sometimes have to turn around and get out the "big bucks" to try and retrieve the loose change, only to find it an impossible task! 

Actions are chosen...consequences are not!

These actions also include how we respond to words spoken to us.  I can "choose" to let negative words affect me in a negative way, or not.  In the movie " Pretty Woman" Julia Roberts had a line that said..." the bad stuff is easier to believe" but...only if we allow it!  

Need " five minutes of whine time", take it!  Use it to call a sister, friend, whomever will allow you to whine and them take a deep breath, tell yourself to be true to yourself  and move forward ...If you have a dream you are pursuing...continue pursuing!

Have a blog?  Blog! 

Sticks and Stones...Yeah!  Sometimes I'd rather have that...
I think they might be easier to get over and much less costly...
at least to my self esteem...
oh yea...
and that's covered under my insurance!!!



  1. Some people are blessed with only 1 talent, but you my friend, have many. One of the greatest talents you have is can make the words just flow...they encourage, comfort, "make sense", etc. Keep it coming, dear friend!!!!

  2. I agree with Cindy. I love reading your post. Keep them coming. Love ya.