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Have you ever??

Okay!  I've heard the expression..."how the cow ate the cabbage"!  Not entirely sure what it means and really, at this point...don't care!

Because... they didn't eat my cabbage!!!

My neighbors cows broke through the fence and decimated my little patch of " lovely, yummy" kale!!

I must confess to you that I wanted to "kill me" some cows!

But...two things have prevented that.  

First...and probably most important...I gave birth to my neighbor some 29 years ago and I believe that killing his cows as punishment would, most likely, get me NO nursing home!

Second...when you compare the price of kale to the price of cows...well! 

You may wonder why the kale patch has "runner poles" in it when everyone knows kale is a low grower! 

Well...that's my..." you stupid dogs better not lay or dig in here" preventive! works!

Just not on cows!!!

Need I say more?

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